Our Lumberyard

At EB Buildings & Lumber we pride ourselves in the structural material, that for the most part, isn’t seen by others, but has significant impact on your project investment. 

Let our Staff value engineer your next project.

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Engineered Wood
engineered wood

Architects, engineers, contractors, and designers trust EB Lumber and Boise Cascade, LP, Weyerhaeuser, Huber & Lumber Specialties’ engineered wood products to provide a better system for framing floors and roofs.  Engineered wood systems often cost less than conventional framing methods, especially when factoring in reduced labor and materials.

We also have, at our disposal, the technical support and products needed to meet any scope of project.  As an added bonus, floor and roof systems built with engineered joists require about half the number of trees as those built with dimension lumber.  This helps you design and build a home that both you and future generations will be proud to own.


We Carry and have access to a complete line of decking materials that includes low-maintenance decking and railing, fencing, trim, and other outdoor living products.

We also carry a vast inventory of nature’s most renewable resource– natural wood, treated pine.  Have on e of our design sales associates help you bring the outdoors home today!