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At EB Buildings & Lumber, we specialize in custom post frame buildings. Nothing pre-packaged here - we sit down with you for a truly customized design to your exact specifications. We quote competitively for our buildings (and other building materials like windows, siding, roofing, and more) thanks to our expert staff as well. 

We've been in the post frame business for over 50 years and can provide any type of building you need, from sheds to full size barns. Check out each of our galleries below, including interior, commercials, farm, and suburban structures.

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EB Buildings & Lumber Co. builds custom post frame buildings for our customers in Princeville, Illinois, as well as Chilicothe, Peoria, Brimfield, and Bloomington, Illinois. Each custom post frame building is constructed with over 50 years of experience. Our post frame buildings are used for a variety of residential and commercial applications including garages, farm storage, and pole barns.

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